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More of a passion than a job...... mole catching using traditional trapping techniques. No use of poisons. I follow the Guild of British Molecatchers code of practice.

Price is dependent on location and problem. Typical cost of clearing a garden is £60. If price is likely to exceed £60 you will be notified before trapping commences (agricultural mole trapping prices can be reduced dependant on the quantity of moles). No Moles caught, no fee.


Chemical treatment of wasp nests treated for £45. If there are more than 1 nest at a property additional nests are charged at £15 each. A free repeat service is offered in the unlikely event that an initial treatment is unsuccessful.

Treated (dead) nests can be removed for an additional fee if required.


Traditional trapping including catch-a-live traps to prevent any harm to non-target animals and birds. No poisons used.

I follow the British Association for shooting and Conservation codes of practice for trapping pest animals and the code of practice in the use of vertebrate traps issued by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. Requires at least 2 visits to your property.

£80 for the first grey squirrel then £30 for any further grey squirrels caught.

Rats & Mice

Rat and mouse infestations treated in line with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use and the associated code of best practice and guidance on rodent control and the safe use of rodenticides.

The service will put in place a rodent control strategy which includes prevention advice and measures to drastically reduce the chances of future infestations.

Rat and mice control costs commence at £100 (Rat and mice control normally takes 3 weeks and at least 3 visits) Prices may vary due to the complexity of the problem. This will be confirmed when the problem is assessed. If the problem is not solved there is normally no fee.

Rat and Mouse control for agricultural businesses is available and Lymington Pest Control will normally match or beat any reasonable quote on the understanding that a better service will be given

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